Iron Buttocks in the Incan Andes

1 2 3 4 5 6… KRAKATOOOWW
” O.K. 6 miles away…”

Our final days in Peru saw Jerry and I fighting tooth and nail through thunder storms on the 5-day trek (trudge) to the Choquequirao Incan ruins and archaeological complex. Well, it’s supposed to be 5 days but we only had three to do it #fatalmistake 😏

An alright view, I guess

The trek is, elegantly, one giant ass descent into a River canyon and one giant ass ascent to the ruins, repeated in reverse like a very unfortunate and knee-busting déjavu. Along the way Jerry and I waded through downpours, trails-turned-rivers, lightning far too close for comfort, the kindest local villagers, cute farm animals, and an incredible series of Incan architecture from over half a millenia ago.

Millenial chicken spotted 🥑🥑👀

Along the hiking route, there are small villages accessible only by foot, and these locals are tough as nails. Many kudos to the two families who housed these drenched and dirty souls during venting downpours.

The llama terraces at Choquequirao ruins. The steepness of these terraces is fantastic for photography, less so for the hiker 💀

Since this is supposed to be a photo blog, I’ll shut up and let the picks do the talking from here 😘

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