When in Provence

Surrounded by wheels of stinky cheeses and stunning sticks of crispy baguettes, Jerry and I find ourselves deep in the gastronomical equivalent of the promised land: France.

Walking off the bread and cheese in the Colorado Provencal, adjacent to Rustrel

Luckily for this dynamic duo, France is home to our close friend Maddie, whose family lives in the southern countryside village of Rustrel. It is here that Jerry and I lay our weary heads and enjoy the Christmas holidays.

We sleep daily until noon like Vanilla, Maddie’s 18 year-old cat

In lieu of hefty mountain treks, we saunter around the pastoral landscape, running into pleasantries including: medieval buildings, chanterelle mushrooms, grazing sheep, and a large man whose ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) we had to get un-stuck. It’s village life for sure – a stark change from sleepless Madrid and bustling Barcelona.

After a heavy feast of meats, fish, and of course, more bread and cheeses, we head out early on Christmas Day with Thierry to hunt for the tasty little fungus known as Cantharellus cibarius: Chanterelle mushrooms.

Heading out in the crisp morning air

Within 30 minutes, we find ourselves on all-fours, knee-deep in fungal fantasy – mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere! While Thierry and Jerry forage around for chanterelles, I spent the whole time (2 hours or so) picking mushrooms in one single small patch!

Back in the house, the family joins in to clean and cook the morning loot.

Our time in France ends soon, and while we’re sorry to say farewell to such great company (and not sleeping in smelly hostels with 15 farting, snoring men), our next journey crosses the Mediterranean Sea to the legendary island of Sicilia, where more friends and food await!

Yes we got the ATV un-stuck, and YES I drove it around after

A very special shoutout to Kate and George, who recently donated to keep me fed and happy.

2 thoughts on “When in Provence

  1. France?! I can’t keep up with all the crazy places you’re going! Hope you’re eating all the food and having a very merry holiday season 🙂


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