Broken Bones and Baby Turtles: Final Days in GuateAMALA

El Paredón, or “the wall,” is a relatively undiscovered Guatemalan coastal village where locals fish in the mangrove rivers and surf the challenging beach breaks. Far removed from the tourist hustle and bustle, El Paredón is where I spent my final adrenaline-pumping days in Guatemala. Arriving at the beach-front hostel just minutes before sunset, IContinue reading “Broken Bones and Baby Turtles: Final Days in GuateAMALA”

Exploding Mountains & Cool Dads: An Acatenango Adventure

Altitude & Alcohol… I always regret the combination, but when Jeremy and I stumbled onto six of the most LIT Guatemalan dads at base camp, we couldn’t refuse their boozy orange liquor. Neither could we soon resist hooting and hollering every time the nearby Volcàn Fuego erupted in spectacular displays of tectonic pyromania. On dayContinue reading “Exploding Mountains & Cool Dads: An Acatenango Adventure”

Colors in Antigua don’t need Instagram Filters

After 24 hours of travel, we finally arrived in Antigua, a nearly 500 year-old town of pastel colors, colonial Spanish history, and the most picturesque courtyard cafés I’ve ever seen. A twist of luck landed us in Antigua during the two-day Festival de Las Flores, and the streets were packed with locals. Flowers bouquets ofContinue reading “Colors in Antigua don’t need Instagram Filters”

Who duh hell are Jay and Jerry?

Before we set off on our world trip, here’s a minute intro to who you’ll be following across the world. Jerry and I are old high school buddies, and we’ve shared some crazy times together. At some point in a friendship, you lose count of the all-nighters, the hikes, the bowls of noodles, and theContinue reading “Who duh hell are Jay and Jerry?”